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Abundant Living Yoga & Meditation: A six week series of kundalini and consciousness reprogramming practice.

Begins July 18th ends August 22nd. Cost is $122.

We are all looking to live in more abundance- whether it’s in financial prosperity, in the fullness of healthy relationships, in the quality of a balanced, healthy state of body, mind and spirit, with creative or philanthropic aspirations, or to be able to share our material and spiritual gifts with others. We are all seeking more, it is a human thing! One of the reasons this is inherent within us is because there IS more. There IS enough- and we are designed as infinite beings, possessing inconceivable potential. On a subconscious level we are programmed to live in a state of lack. How do we erase this false belief? It begins with meditation, a clearing has to be made in the mind. Once we learn to do this we can then begin to look at our intentions and examine our emotions around the process. How and where do we focus our energy and what thoughts and feelings arise in the process? What conscious beliefs do we continue to hold that block infinite, beneficial possibilities from showing up in our lives?

Attaining abundance is more than the act of manifesting, as in the “law of attraction”. it requires a formula, of sorts. In this series we will create a blueprint for an informed understanding and methodology toward abundant living.

Join us for Abundant Living Yoga & Meditation: a six class intensive of kundalini yoga, breath-work, energy clearing, meditation, mind body exercises, mantra and prayer.