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Intuitive Development Workshop 5 week Series with Joan Donohue

Starting February 11th and Ending March 11th

Intuitive ability resides within all of us, it is the language of the Soul, our connection to the Spirit world. If recognized and utilized your intuitive skills can guide you in everyday experiences and help you discover your Divine Truth.  The intention is to help you to understand, trust, and strengthen your own intuitive senses as you learn and work with various exercises designed to build your individual awareness. 

These classes are for ALL LEVELS of development. Bring an open mind and sense of humor as we explore the true benefits of Intuitive living!

 Some topics & exercises include: Spiritual Energy, Meditation, Chakras & Aura, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, Synchronicities & Coincidences, 

Mediumship and Development Circles. Please bring a notebook & pen.

$175 if registered before 2/7, $190 after 2/7

 Space is limited, please register early.

About Joan:

Joan Donohue is a Spiritual Medium & Teacher, Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy & Usui Reiki Master. As an Intuitive Channel & Healer she assists individuals in raising their own awareness to the spiritual connections that are always with us and how we all have the ability to heal ourselves. Joan invites the energy of Spirit to support and guide each person on their individual path of healing allowing them to discover their own truth and soul's purpose in this life.

Services offered: Mediumship Readings, Spirit Gatherings & various classes.

For appointments and more information about Joan, please visit:


Introduction to Qigong: China’s Ancient Art of Self-Healing with Angela Zapka

New Class Begins October 18th

Qigong is a Chinese meditative practice which uses a holistic system of coordinated body posture, slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques that strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection, reduce stress, promote healing, health and inner peace. Practicing Qigong can increase vitality, strengthen your resistance to illness, enhance the immune system, energize the lymphatic system, strengthen digestion, relieve stress and pain, prevent injury, strengthen balance to prevent falls, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, and leave you feeling energized, balanced and calm.

The practices are simple to learn, and easily modified for people of varying fitness levels. Students of Qigong have reported feeling profound benefits after only a few weeks of practice.

About Angela:

Angela Zapka is a certified Qi Gong Instructor. She studied under Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, an internationally known, highly respected doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Angela feels her gift is guiding her students and clients through all kinds of transitions and transformations. She creates a relaxed, nurturing, spirit infused space that allows you to cultivate your own healing potential.

In addition to Qi Gong, Angela is a Certified Usui Reiki II Practitioner and an Inner Relationship Focusing clinician. She also practices Christian Zen Meditation.Angela also teaches Process Painting with children and adults.

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement

Cost: $15.00 Drop In (this is an ongoing class, not a series)