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Tarot 101 6 Week Series with Gato Divino

Starting October 3rd and Ending November 21st

Angel, also known as Gato Divino, is a Spiritual Being who practices many branches of Spirituality; he is a creative, one-of-a-kind individual who is a Messenger of the Divine.He does both Angel card Readings and Tarot Card Readings.

 He is able to see into your future using his Tarot Cards and tapping into your energy to give you a message from the beyond and bring you clarity. In addition to interpreting the Tarot, Angel is an individual who uses his intuition to make magical candles and herbal/spiritual baths for any of your specific needs.

 He is an Angel Card reader certified by Charles Virtue himself. Allow Gato Divino to clarify the aspects and realms of spiritual energy that the Angels communicate to us about. These realms include reflection, partnership, integration, alignment, rejuvenation, and nourishment. Allow him to interpret how the Angels suggest that you apply these realms into you daily life. Remember that Angels are always around us. We have our own Guardian Angels, plus Angels who can help us with specific life issues. He can help you to hear your personal Angel Messages with my cards. 

 Se Habla Español.

Cost: $255 plus additional $45 for materials

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Beginner's Yoga 8 week Series with Nicky Atanasio

Starting October 19th and Ending December 18th

Have you thought about trying yoga but say “I’m not flexible” or “My mind is too busy”?Then our new Beginner’s Series is the class for you! This 8-week series is geared toward the brand new yoga student or those who would like to strengthen the foundation of their existing practice.  We will focus on proper alignment and use of props to support the poses, breath awareness,  and basic yoga philosophy.  You will gain tools on how to bring yoga into your daily life to enhance mindfulness, emotional and physical balance, as well as lower stress levels. No previous experience required!

About Nicky:

Nicky turned to yoga as a refuge during her teens and got her 200hr certification in 2007 from Yoga Mountain. Annual retreats to Kripalu and advanced teacher trainings with Kula For Karma and Nikki Myers deepened her practice.  Her classes reflect her Reiki Master training by weaving in approaches to balancing the chakras and activating the body’s natural healing process. 

As a Licensed Massage Therapist she knows the importance of proper alignment and provides modifications for limitations or injuries.  Nicky believes strongly in the mind, body, spirit connection and that all three should be addressed for healing and growth.  Mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance are the foundations of all her classes and she is grateful to be able to share her love of yoga with her students.   

Cost: $145 for pre-registration before October 13th; $170 after October 13th.

Drop In's welcome at $20.00 per visit.


Introduction to Qigong: China’s Ancient Art of Self-Healing with Angela Zapka

New Class Begins October 18th

Qigong is a Chinese meditative practice which uses a holistic system of coordinated body posture, slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques that strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection, reduce stress, promote healing, health and inner peace. Practicing Qigong can increase vitality, strengthen your resistance to illness, enhance the immune system, energize the lymphatic system, strengthen digestion, relieve stress and pain, prevent injury, strengthen balance to prevent falls, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, and leave you feeling energized, balanced and calm.

The practices are simple to learn, and easily modified for people of varying fitness levels. Students of Qigong have reported feeling profound benefits after only a few weeks of practice.

About Angela:

Angela Zapka is a certified Qi Gong Instructor. She studied under Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, an internationally known, highly respected doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Angela feels her gift is guiding her students and clients through all kinds of transitions and transformations. She creates a relaxed, nurturing, spirit infused space that allows you to cultivate your own healing potential.

In addition to Qi Gong, Angela is a Certified Usui Reiki II Practitioner and an Inner Relationship Focusing clinician. She also practices Christian Zen Meditation.Angela also teaches Process Painting with children and adults.

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement

Cost: $15.00 Drop In (this is an ongoing class, not a series)

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Become Limitless: Kundalini Yoga with Elisabeth Wolfson

New class begins October 16th

Tune in to your higher self on Mondays using the Radiant Power of Kundalini Yoga to breakthrough the limitations and achieve success! Learn a greater awareness to where you’re at and what your body needs for higher healing and living at your highest potential. 

We all have limiting beliefs that exist on both unconscious and conscious levels.  In this class, we’ll apply the science of breath and angles through gentle warm ups, kriya (or set of exercises), live gong play, and meditation.  Of all the yogas, Kundalini is considered the Jet Plane: Each class is different. 
This class is for everyone and anyone can do it.

Cost: $15.00 Drop In (this is an ongoing class, not a series)