Pandora healing is a counseling and integrative wellness center that offers Yoga. The center is located in Hawthorne, NJ., which is located near the towns of Ridgewood, Glen Rock and Midland Park. Founded by Jason Wood M. Ed., RMT., CST.,  Pandora Healing offers counseling services, various alternative healing practices, and Yoga with goal to help transform relationships.

We at Pandora Healing believe that the underlining issue of most emotional unrest is the lack of fulfillment found in relationships, both romantic and family. Currently our culture has created a greater emphasis on financial and material success and  as a result the primary need for most people is neglected, which is healthy, caring and loving relationships. With this part of our life suffering, life begins to feel empty and  lacking.  Our blueprint for developing relationships is tainted by past hurts and wounds making, it difficult to actually explore the possibility of fulfilling relationships. We become triggered into a place of protection because we feel unsafe.   Pandora Healing creates a safe space so that we can help transform your relationships.

 Pandora has designed a unique and alternative way of helping heal relationships. We believe that if you are suffering from repetitive relationship conflicts with family members, friends and even co-workers--in order  to feel heard, safe, peaceful and important in your relationships, you must first become aware of the wounds and hurts that perpetuate the dynamics you experience.  This can be achieved through a three part process of transformation that begins with energy healing, moves into body healing with yoga and concludes with talk therapy.




Pandora Healing Center
274 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Floor
Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506

Contact the center at 973-304-4119 or jason@pandoraheal.com