Lynda Ferrara, Registered Yoga Teacher

Lynda’s intention when she sought recovery in 1988 was to stop the emotional pain and hopelessness that addiction had inflicted upon her life. One day at a time that darkness has turned to Light, allowing her to move forward on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. After building a solid foundation in 12-Steps for several years, she was introduced to the powerful practice of yoga.  Lynda became a yoga instructor in 2009 under the loving guidance of Sheryl and Neil Edsall. She has since completed a 100 hr. training for “Yoga of Recovery” counseling and is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

The passion and compassion that yoga embodies is the place that Lynda teaches from. Her classes are filled with a comfortable weave of breath, sound, movement, and meditation, where students feel safe and supported regardless of their experience with the practice. She inspires them to tap into their own inner strength and courage that will allow for blissful balance on, as well as off, of the mat. With an open heart full of gratitude, Lynda is honored to be given the opportunity to share the hope that her path of yoga and recovery has so sweetly blessed her with. 

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Lorin Oneal, Spiritual Teacher & Life Healing Coach, Energy Therapist, Mentor

Lorin began her path of healing at the age of 18. She was searching to come to terms with the darkness associated with having parents and family members with mental illness, addictions, that suffered in poverty, with a lack of education and the many afflictions and challenges that accompanies such a life. Lorin had a deep desire to transcend this familial path and ultimately led her to study the roots of human behavior via the ancient wisdom of the yoga. In her early 20’s she set out on a course to heal her past. She turned to educating herself by reading psychology and self-help books, the new testament, sacred texts and found a talk therapist. That was the beginning. Life proceeded took take many turns but Lorin later entered the path of awakening and leading others with healing dance forms, yoga, shamanism and somatic therapies.

Lorin has invested in formal training in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Yin Yoga, Tibetan reiki, massage therapy, psychic arts, mediumship and hypnosis. Lorin blends the wisdom of everything she has learned and practiced in all that she offers, be it in workshops, immersive series, in private sessions, as adjunct to teacher training programs or as a guide. She expresses- “The healing world is a matriarchal tree, with deep roots, many branches and leaves.. all contain the vital essence to produce the life force needed for renewal and realization.”


Janice Sanchez, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Buti Yoga, Women’s Circle Facilitator

When Janice was a little girl, she dreamed of living on a mountain as an old lady, helping and sharing with voyagers on their journey. In her own travels, Janice discovered Kundalini Yoga and became instantly enamored after just one class. She experienced a feeling of transformative stillness that was elevating, inspiring and energizing. She continued to practice and began studying the teachings with amazing masters including the renowned Yogi and Yogini, Dr. Mahan Rishi SIngh Khalsa and Nirbhe Kaur.

Janice is passionate about empowering and helping others discover a happier, healthier self through Kundalini Yoga. She continues to embrace her journey holding true to her vision of being a guiding elder on the mountain. In the meantime, her grateful soul is committed to supporting others to discover their inner strength and highest self. In Janice’s words- “Come exactly as you are, there is something for everyone on this powerfully uplifting path.”


Gwen McCarthy, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master & Author

For the past six years Gwen McCarthy has been teaching yoga to students who are in need of healing. She began teaching yoga to cancer patients at both Hackensack and Valley Hosptials in N.J.. Everything changed for her though, when three years ago she became a cancer patient herself. Although the experience was a difficult one, it left her with more gratitude for life than she ever had before. She continues her personal healing journey as a student of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Gwen’s expertise is in dealing with students who have health concerns as well as those who have not been actively exercising for a long period of time. Her desire for her students is that they will overcome any obstacle that prevents them from enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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Meredith Kates, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Meredith Kates has been immersed in the complementary paths of teacher, yogini, community activist and mother for the past 25 years. Through a flow of grace, she found her “home” as a Kundalini Yogi in 2015, and is ever appreciative for the profound and transformative benefits of this practice.

Meredith is committed to offering inclusive classes that are welcoming to all levels and highly accessible for beginners and less experienced practitioners. She has a particular appreciation for the raw beauty, authenticity and power of adolescents, and integrates spirituality and meditation into her daily work as a middle school teacher in Montclair, N.J.

Meredith shares- “I have always known That at last I would Take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today.” ~Narihira, 9th century Japanese Poet

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Lauren Foley, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Reiki 2

It’s easy to lose yourself when you start a family, a career or become immersed in responsibilities. Through my yoga practice with poses, breath work and meditation, I work my way back to who I truly am and feel like me again. I feel my purpose now is to share what yoga has done for me in hopes it can do the same, and more, for others. Yoga has inspired me into a larger compassion I had not known before. It unites practitioners in community but most importantly it unites each one of us with our truth, and our light. It is important in today’s world, where we give of ourselves to our families, jobs, careers, internet, social media and more that we take time for ourselves to heal and to grow our unique spirit.

What i’m most inspired to share is how yoga reconnects body and mind and allows happiness to enter daily life. Happiness is what leads to love and love is what we are all meant to experience and share in this blessed lifetime. “Happiness is your birth right.”~ Yogi Bhajan

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Evie Salerno, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Acupressure Therapist

Evie is a certified Reiki Master and a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. She was born and raised in Bournemouth, England and moved to the U.S. Her journey with Reiki and meditation began 6 years ago while working professionally as an actress and singer and developed a passion for helping fellow dancers with injuries and anxieties. Evie trained with Holistic Passages and studied Transformation Meditation. She discovered the incredible benefits of Acupressure to accompany a Reiki treatement and pursued Mastery in Acupressure.

Her mission during classes and private sessions is to eliminate stress, tension, anxiety and heal physical discomfort and or ailments with her unique blend of energy healing, adjusting energy flow through points on the body and guided meditation.