Pandora Healing offers counseling for adults, adolescents, children and families. Our counselors are trained to address various emotional concerns including anxiety, depression, family and peer relationship issues; as well children’s behavioral and emotional needs, including adjustment issues and childhood trauma. If you experience symptoms of sadness, intense anger, and/or constant stress and worry, you may benefit from exploring how certain patterns or experiences may be negatively impacting you, as well as affecting your relationships with others. Our counselors use a strengths based approach that recognizes the unique experiences of each individual and facilitates personal growth through self-awareness and self-compassion. Because our bodies are deeply affected by the state of our emotions we offer a mind/body approach that treats the entire person and invites them to become an active participant in their healing.


Sandy Johnson, LCSW

Sandy Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in therapeutic counseling for children, adults and families. Sandy has worked extensively with children and families involved in the child welfare system, as well as in the local community. Her experience covers a range of emotional concerns that include anxiety, depression, family/peer relationships, as well as childhood trauma, adjustment and behavioral needs. Sandy believes that healing is fostered through relationship and connection. She is committed to providing a mutually respectful environment where each individual may safely address their challenges and develop the skills to experience a more authentic, joyful life.

Inspired by personal and professional experiences, as well as research in neurobiology, Sandy began to introduce the contemplative practices of therapeutic yoga and mindfulness into her mental health work. These practices encourage quieting the mind and enhancing breathing patterns to balance the nervous system and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sandy was so encouraged by the positive response from client's that she recently became e a certified teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Sandy is also trained in Radiant Child Yoga with a focus on addressing the emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral needs of "differently-abled" children. Sandy loves to share the joy of children’s yoga as a way to honor and encourage each child’s unique gifts, while facilitating improved regulation of emotions.

Sandy offers individual, family and group counseling as well as one-on-one and small group therapeutic yoga sessions.

Call Sandy @ 201-677-8608 for an appointment.


Kerin Briscese , Certified Health Coach

Kerin Briscese is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Resonance Repatterining trained for energetic healing and NASM certified.

She specializes in coaching women ages 18+ with the majority of women being 30-50.  Kerin has worked extensively with women with eating disorders, sexual and childhood trauma, unwanted weight and with women desiring to feel comfortable in their own skin. Her experience covers a wide range of emotional and physical issues such as self-worth, self-esteem, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, eating disorders, unwanted weight, self sabotage,  yo-yo dieting, binge and emotional eating.  

Kerin believes that all physical symptoms are a result of un-handled negative experiences and emotions calling for  attention. By going to the root of her clients unwanted behaviors and self sabotaging patterns, she is able to give relief and true freedom to her clients that have struggled for years.

Kerin’s work began by searching for healing to her own binging, bulimic and obsessive exercising & calorie counting tendencies. What she uncovered was so much deeper than one’s desire to look a certain way. After working with hundreds of women she has been able to closely study and link unwanted weight, body & self image issues to unmet childhood needs and experiences that are now playing out in the form of eating disorders, toxic relationships, self worth issues and limiting ones ability to experience real happiness. 

Through a combination go energy healing, modalities and strategic life coaching she is able to help guide her clients to a place of peace, worthiness and genuine happiness and relief!

Kerin offers programs, workshops and individual counseling sessions. 

Call Kerin @ 201-232-0921 for an appointment (You can book a complimentary consultation)

Joan Donohue, Spiritual Medium, RMT, Master of Integrated Energy Therapy®. 

Joan begins each Reading by inviting the energy of Spirit – God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Deceased Loved Ones and all energies of light and love into each session in whatever way is best for your highest good and healing.  

Joan serves as a messenger between the physical and spiritual worlds.  When a loved one passes on into the next life he or she continues to be connected to their loved ones who remain on earth.  They want you to know they are here supporting you and always trying to get your attention.  

During a reading Joan will help you to feel that connection as your deceased loved ones validate that life is continuous and provide you with loving messages and support.  Joan delivers these messages leaving no room for doubt that your loved ones are still with you.  

As a Channel Joan is open to all those in Spirit, towards the end of your Session you will be given an opportunity to ask your Angels & Spirit Guides a question that may not have been addressed during your Session.

Joan has trained with world renowned Spiritual Mediums James van Praagh, Mavis Pittilla, John Holland, Janet Nohavec and continues her training with various well respected spiritual mediums, teachers & healers. 

Call Joan @ 201-892-4126 for an appointment.