Energy Medicine Therapy with Jason Wood

EMT is a form of therapy that incorporates spiritual counseling and energy body work. EMT is designed to release limited and painful belief structures. Somatic psychology has always believed that emotions and the body are closely linked. Modern day psychologist state that 5% of our behavior is dictated by our conscious thoughts, while 95% of our behavior is operated by our subconscious thoughts. EMT believes that these subconscious thoughts come from these beliefs structures that are stored in our body. The human body is a wonderful instrument designed to protect us from outside dangers. During our early years of child development our body begins to store information that will be utilized in the subconscious to dictate our behavior. The purpose of this stored information is to keep us safe. The problem occurs when we are no longer in danger but we believe we are because of these stored memories being triggered. EMT releases these memories, which have become dense energies stored in the body, by creating a safe space so that an individual does not become triggered and by utilizing various energy body work modalities. These modalities include reiki, sound therapy, crystal sonic therapy, and nature based practices. Sessions are 2 1/2 hours long. Although EMT is a wonderful healing modality it is still advised that one continue to seeks assistance from a mental health professional.

EMT can assist those that feel trapped and overwhelmed with a life decision, are confused about what direction to go in life, and to help develop an overall sense of peace and happiness.

Cost: $150.00 (discounts available for those that can not afford the full amount.)

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Energy Balancing with Jason Wood

All life radiates an invisible energy field. The vibrations of a balanced energy field maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. The Chinese call this energy Qi (Chee), and the JapaneseKi (Key). A person’s energy can become blocked or imbalanced by stress, anxiety and challenging life events resulting in illnesses. When a person's energy is out of balance it is difficult for him or her  to maintain a positive relationship with the world, himself, and others. Once the energy system is re-balanced a person will experience harmony and well being. 

This 1 1/2 hour session will include  light hands-on touch, sound, and vibration to  restore and balance the energy within the body. Jason has been trained in Chakra Balancing, Somaticenergetics, Magical Awakening, Reiki Master, Light of the Eternal One, Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding™ Polarity I.  Jason also has a Master degree in counseling which enables him to create a safe non-threatening environment. 

Cost: $125

Call Jason @ 201-527-8668 to schedule an appointment.