Pandora Healing offers counseling for adults, adolescents, children and families. Our counselors are trained to address various emotional concerns including anxiety, depression, family and peer relationship issues; as well children’s behavioral and emotional needs, including adjustment issues and childhood trauma. If you experience symptoms of sadness, intense anger, and/or constant stress and worry, you may benefit from exploring how certain patterns or experiences may be negatively impacting you, as well as affecting your relationships with others. Our counselors use a strengths based approach that recognizes the unique experiences of each individual and facilitates personal growth through self-awareness and self-compassion. Because our bodies are deeply affected by the state of our emotions we offer a mind/body approach that treats the entire person and invites them to become an active participant in their healing.


Sandy Johnson, LCSW

Sandy Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in therapeutic counseling for children, adults and families. Sandy has worked extensively with children and families involved in the child welfare system, as well as in the local community. Her experience covers a range of emotional concerns that include anxiety, depression, family/peer relationships, as well as childhood trauma, adjustment and behavioral needs. Sandy believes that healing is fostered through relationship and connection. She is committed to providing a mutually respectful environment where each individual may safely address their challenges and develop the skills to experience a more authentic, joyful life.

Inspired by personal and professional experiences, as well as research in neurobiology, Sandy began to introduce the contemplative practices of therapeutic yoga and mindfulness into her mental health work. These practices encourage quieting the mind and enhancing breathing patterns to balance the nervous system and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sandy was so encouraged by the positive response from client's that she recently became e a certified teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Sandy is also trained in Radiant Child Yoga with a focus on addressing the emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral needs of "differently-abled" children. Sandy loves to share the joy of children’s yoga as a way to honor and encourage each child’s unique gifts, while facilitating improved regulation of emotions.

Sandy offers individual, family and group counseling as well as one-on-one and small group therapeutic yoga sessions.

Call Sandy @ 201-677-8608 for an appointment.


Kristen Tamke, LPC

Kristen Tamke is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in individual, family and couples counseling.  Her training and therapeutic background combine the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, with dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) uses and applications, including mindfulness, and a solution focused based approach. The use of these theoretic approaches addresses a range of emotional concerns, personal/ emotional crises and relationship issues. Presenting symptomology may include anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, adjustment disorders, life transitional phases as well as interpersonal relationship concerns.

Through talk therapy, Kristen believes that the combination of exploring current presenting problems and identifying past behavioral patterns will allow each client to help him/herself through difficult times. Change can be accomplished by implementing the necessary skills that are taught and explored in treatment. By empowering clients to regain control of their lives and understanding where changes can be made, the therapeutic process becomes most effective and easily maintained for each individual client.

Call Kristen @ 201-669-9316 for an appointment.


Dreamwork with Jill Eras

What is Dreamwork?

Dreams are the sacred language of the soul. Working with our dreams brings the dreamer into the landscape of the unconscious, facilitating the potential for healing present and past-life trauma.  Through the journey of dreamwork, we can each reclaim our soul and awaken to our true calling and passion.  Jill assists her clients in their unique process of unraveling their own story, one dream at a time.  So often Jill hears her clients say they long for an understanding of their actions and reactions, relationships and problems with intimacy, anxiety and depression, or to understand the impact of their past traumas. Dreams take us there and lead to a profound healing process. It is Jill's honor and privilege to play the part of midwife in the birthing process of the soul.

What can I expect at a session with Jill?

During a session with Jill, you will be immersed in the language of your dreams.  The dream will guide Jill as she assists you into an experiential encounter with the specific teaching of the dream.  With tenderness, humor, sensitivity, and precision, Jill will assist in the process of understanding the function of the persona, or ego, and how this appears to the soul.  Knowing that dreams will always give us just the right amount of learning that we are ready for, Jill trusts and leads the session through the wisdom of the dream.  In order to work with your specific dream, Jill will ask many questions, or "associations", with regard to the people, places, and things in your dreams.  This is where the outer world meets the inner world, so there will be work with the content of both domains.

How do I prepare for a session?

There is nothing to do except to keep a record of your dreams.  You may email Jill your dreams ahead of time, or you may bring them to the session.  When recording your dreams, it helps to write about your feelings in the dream as well as the action.  Jill will help you learn how to record your dreams as well as how to stimulate your dream life.

To book a session with Jill, or for more information on her services, visit her website at, or call 201-370-4063.