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Experiencing the Sweetness in Your Voice Workshop

Join Teri Merliss, founder of Voice of the One Heart Healing, in her workshop "Experiencing the Sweetness in Your Voice." 

Everyone's tone is unique. It is a life changing to experience the sweetness and beauty of one’s own unique sound. Workshop participants will be taught how to connect with who they are by accessing the sacred sound of their heart.

 This workshop will include toning, chanting and meditations.  Teri will share the teachings of the Divine Feminine (heart chakra) and the Divine Masculine (throat chakra). She will show how these chakras work together to create sound when merged in conscious relationship. This exercise will increase the power of the speaking and singing voice.

 You do not have to be a singer to attend this workshop; all levels of experience will benefit. Teri sings and teaches high vibrational mantras to assist in stilling the mind and finding inner peace.  

 Teri a staff member of Pandora Healing where she also facilitates Rising Star Healing Sessions. Teri is the Music Director for the Children's House, a Montessori school for children in Verona, New Jersey.

cost: $15.00

To register call 201-527-8668 or email