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Ohashiatsu Acupressure Bodywork for Partners

Aliza Rosen,  Ohashiatsu Acupressure Therapist will be leading partners through a night of healing and relaxation. In this works workshop she will lead partners through a wonderful opportunity  to exchange an Ohashiatsu Acupressure body treatment. Working in pairs, the participants will learn how to ease tension allowing the body to heal itself at a faster rate.

Ohashiatsu Acupressure therapy is a form of bodywork. It is the perfect antidote to this age-old conundrum. During a treatment, you’ll remain dressed in comfortable clothing while an expert therapist applies pressure while stretching and exercising your muscles and meridians to unblock energy (chi ) allowing you to feel more in balance: body, mind, and soul. This modern method of healing touch has taken Shiatsu and Acupressure to another level by combining hands-on techniques, limb rotation, and stretches in a seamless flow of movement.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Partners not guaranteed for singles.

Aliza has always been passionate about wellness. With an interest in health Aliza earned a degree in the medical field as a licensed Medical Diagnostic Sonographer. Aliza worked at Colombia Presbyterian East side Clinic and then at Grammercy MRI Radiology Center in NYC.

After receiving Ohashiatsu Acupressure sessions and experiencing the deep relaxation and profound internal shifts brought about by those sessions, Aliza embarked on a new journey. In 1998 Aliza learned at the Ohashi Institute in NYC. After years of learning Aliza graduated to become a Certified Ohashiatsu Acupressure Therapist.

Aliza has been sharing Ohashiatsu Acupressure Therapy for over fifteen years. Aliza was privileged with the opportunity to learn directly with Master Wataru Ohashi. He is well known internationally for his teachings and several books that he has written about Ohashiatsu and Zen Shiatsu.

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Cost: $35.00