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Structural Yoga Therapy: Introduction to the Joint Freeing Series with Nitya Martino

An experiential workshop based on Structural Yoga Therapy (SYT) as developed by Mukunda Stiles.  The Joint Freeing Series is the basis for all the movements of the large joints of the body. By learning how to slow down and isolate the movements in the JFS the physical as well as the mental and emotional body (the Kosha’s) will be profoundly effected, moving Prana, strengthening, and stretching body, mind and spirit.  JFS, Pavanmuktasana – “energy freeing practice”

   “Structural Yoga™ relies on a deep respect for the body’s innate capacity for safe healthy movement and healing. This translates to a way of teaching that invites the body to find its own optimal way of moving and building strength, without the use of many props or hands-on corrections that might ultimately hinder self-awareness and the slow careful development of the muscles that are needed to develop a full yoga practice” ~ Mukunda Stiles

Nitya is the Yoga Therapist for The Valley Hospital since 2004, in the Integrative Healing Services. Teaching Yoga, Yoga as Therapy, and Stress Management Programs. Training and mentoring by Viktoras Kulvinskas on the path of Holistic Health, Wellness and Nutrition allows her to continue to create complete Lifestyle programs for Stress and Anxiety Solutions at all levels. She is a disciple of Swami Satchidananda and Reverend Jaganath Carrera, is her long time spiritual teacher, guide and mentor, he is the founder and spiritual head of the Yoga Life Society.

A multi-media artist and published illustrator, she has created the illustrations for “Swami Cat Says” a book for all ages on Yoga, Life and Fun, thru the eyes of one wise cat. ~ Available on  A member of the (IAYT), International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Alliance, (MRCC), Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce, (BCPWN), Bergen County Professional Woman’s Network, and (NAPW) National Association of Professional Women.

For information about Nitya visit her website:

Cost: $50.00 if register before 12/10,  $60.00 if register after 12/10 

To register email or call 201-527-8668