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Group Past Life Regression with Cheryl Morse

Pandora Healing will present a group past-life regression, led by Cheryl Morse. Past-life regression is a shamanic deep trance state of consciousness in which participants receive images and/or sensory input about their past lives before they were born. The information can enter the mind stream in small bits or in a steady, stream of consciousness storyline.

Past-life regression is a way of obtaining insights from such sources as our higher self, inner wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. Often, such insights are valuable in regard to our present situation in life, providing relevant background information to help us move forward on our journey.

Morse is trained in past-life regression under the shaman and teacher Jyoti Chrystal, founder of Starseed Yoga Montclair, and Psychotherapist Frank Difilia.

cost: $55.00

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Later Event: May 17
Shamanic Journey Workshop