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Full Spectrum Human: The Alchemy Energy Process, with Tobias Lars

Full Spectrum Human Weekend Seminar with Tobias Lars

Tobias Lars will be teaching three different methods to help awaken the Full Spectrum Human.  He will also be spontaneously interpreting the energy of the group and intuitively facilitating and sharing what the Group is drawing forth in the moment.

October 1st, Saturday 9-5           The Alchemy Energy Process

All people who have become SPIRITUAL & MATERIAL MASTERS have remembered & remastered the ability to create and dissolve energies. Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Babaji, St. Francis, Yogananda and 1000's more were & are 'Energy Masters' - WE ARE ALL made to be(come) MASTERS OF ENERGY! This Mastery of Energy does not 'happen overnight' but IT'S HIGH TIME we REMEMBER and RE-MASTER this innate God-Source given ability NOW.

NOW is the time for many Humans to RE-Awaken this ability in themselves!
It will have profound implications on EVERY Level of our Realities - personal freedom, enjoyment, health, AND a Healthy Society will Naturally Follow.
THIS is WHAT 'THE ALCHEMY ENERGY PROCESS' will show you how to do.


'Preparation' is over! Now it's TIME for real Awakening. This is the Intent behind 'Course of Awakening'.

With Fun, Play, Sincerity, Irreverent 'Spiritual In-correctness' & Practical, direct, easy to learn methods & a 'Voice of Grounded Sanity' - Tobias Lars BS, MBA, Mensa is sharing real experience through direct transference that leads to True Transformation & Real Awakening into who we really are.

With 25 yrs direct awakening personal awakening work with Masters - Paramahansa Yogananda, Sai Baba, Babaji, Jesus Christ, St. Germain, Amazonian Shamans, Native American Medicine Men- 'All Things are Coming to Light' and it is now time to OPENLY SHARE this previously 'secret' wisdom. Real Awakening is obviously not 'easy' all the time - but it is imminently and directly available now more than ever in the history of Earth.

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Tobias Lars VIDEOS here:

We Recommend that you read Tobias Lars' Book 'Listening to The Sun' before the seminar. This will help lay a foundation and likely inspire you with some questions for Tobias when he's here.

You can order Tobias Lars' book Listening to The Sun' here:


  • $295.00 for full weekend
  • $40.00 to attend Friday
  • $150.00 to attend Saturday
  • $150.00 to attend Sunday