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Numerology and Your Personal Imprint


Through numerology we can help create our destiny. The science of Kundalini Yoga shows us that we all have ten bodies, and we each have our own personal imprint of our ten bodies governed by our numerology. We all have access to all ten of our bodies. Knowing how to access your ten bodies on command will serve us in many ways. Knowing your personal numbers will allow you to harmonize your soul’s expression. Each body has specific gifts that it gives you when it is strong, and certain deficits that will arise when it is weak. Ultimately the soul has lessons to integrate and gifts to express this lifetime. With an awareness of your soul’s journey you can manifest your specific expression. During this workshop we will learn our personal imprint, and what we can do to help express our potential and give us the ability to live beyond the drama of karma and step into our dharma.

$60 Pre Registered Before August 19th

$69 Day Of Space Permitted