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Opening Up to Grace, A practice to Heal the Heart: Kundalini Yoga, Angel Guidance and Vibrational Healing

How open is your heart? How much love and compassion are you willing to give and receive.

Cultivating energy around the heart not only opens us to more love but also better health. Improved circulation, balanced blood pressure, improved breathing capacity. Your internal body helps tell a story of what is happening in your life. Lack of circulation, have you been willing to extend your self out to others? Blood pressure imbalances, how is your temperament and how much pressure are you holding. How about your breath, can you receive more and release the excess. The class will be a combination of Kundalini yoga and meditation for self love taught by Tara Farley, vibrational sound healing with Jason, and a sharing of Angel guidance with Amy Pettinato. Please join us for a deeply healing practice for your body, mind and spirit! Please RSVP to Pandora, space is limited. 

Cost: $25.00

To register please call 201-527-8668 or email