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Didgeridoo Workshop with Thomas Workman

The didgeridoo is special and unique among ancient musical instruments. It has continued essentially unchanged in form for millennia. As a hollowed log, it is the simplest of instruments, but demanding of the player and capable of astounding virtuosity. Relatively unknown outside of North Arnhem Land, Australia, in the past 30 years, didgeridoo has spread all over the world, exemplifying the concept of “ancient to future”. 

Thomas began playing didgeridoo in 1990, and it quickly found a central place in his wide ranging pantheon of musical instruments and sound makers. He has played in theatrical productions, performances, educational and sound healing settings. The didgeridoo is about remembering, reconnecting and healing.

In this workshop we will meet the didgeridoo in it’s cultural context and explore a variety of techniques for playing, including embouchure, circular breathing and horn tones. Bring a didgeridoo if you have one. Thomas will also have a variety of instruments to share for the workshop.

 Cost: $50.00 if preregister before 6/1 and $60.00 if register after 6/1