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Human Design 5-Week Series with Leah Buchanan

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In this five course series we will begin a journey of incredible, yet credible self-discovery.
Using Human Design (a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics) as our guide, we will come to find that we are truly unique individuals, designed with a purpose, and destined for abundance.

Course 1 (October 1st 2018): Understanding the parts of the bodygraph

In this class we will begin to understand the makeup of a bodygraph, and how it is utilized as a blueprint to our individual authenticity.


Course 2 (October 8th 2018): Energy Centers, Types, Profile, and Strategy

In this second class, we will begin to understand the personalization of the bodygraph, the unique way in which we as individuals are hardwired to process energy, the lens in which we see and are seen by the world, and our strategy for tapping into the abundance.


Course 3 (October 15th 2018): Understanding the importance of strategy

In this part we will discuss the strategies of the types in depth and how to apply it in order to de-condition from any not-self behaviors and eliminate resistance to allow for the acceptance of our full authentic expression.


Course 4 (October 22nd 2018): Gates and Channels

In this course we will take a closer look at the specific energies we experience individually and collectively and the process of flow through our circuitry.


Course 5 (October 29th 2018): Planetary Influence

In this final course we will learn about the “spin” the planets put on the specific energies of our individual charts, giving us insight into our life experiences.


Cost: $125 for pre-registration and $155 after Sept 21st

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