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Reiki Level 2 with Jason Wood


Level 2 is often defined by a focus on practicing Reiki on others, as well as an expanded opening of the energy channels. Additionally students receive the Reiki Symbols and Level 2 attunement. The Reiki symbols allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to the universal energy, as well as draw on the qualities that the symbols represent. This includes the ability to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be. This symbol also may be used to clear energy blockages across time, as well as physical locations.

Jason Wood is the owner of Pandora Healing and has been using Reiki in his private practice since 2011. He received his Reiki Master training  from Brett Bevell in 2012.  Jason has a great ability to create space that will help  students  rely upon their intuition as they learn this wonderful healing practice. 

Cost: $150.00

Later Event: February 17
Energy Share