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Spontaneous Painting From The Inside-Out: Love Yourself in Living Color with Angela Zapka

Angela Zapka Painting.jpg

We will start our immersion art experience with some gentle but powerful opening Qigong movements to ready your body for painting. 

My approach as a facilitator is to set up the conditions for you to easily move inside and allow your inner creative spark….that lives within EMERGE!

We will move quickly to your painting stations and with my direction you will move through the 7 chakras with music and color! Everything is designed to open your mind, body and spirit to manifest the energy inside with into your painting!

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to dive deeply into self-awareness using the non-verbal modality of painting. Tap into and manifest what is FELT inside of you and watch your paint strokes create your story! Spontaneous painting like this allows you to connect with your innermost self and is profoundly rewarding and healing!

COST: $55 plus $10 materials