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Healing Heart Gong Bath with Jarna Parikh


Sound is a primordial vibrational energy wave frequency. The sound of a meditation gong induces a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation, which facilitates the movement of prana (positive life force) throughout the body. On a physical level, the vibrations eliminate tension, stimulate the circulation and glandular systems, and regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system. Listeners experience a sense of connectedness and peace. They are lulled from a Beta, or awake state, into a Theta, or lucid dream state; a state that allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate. The sound waves gently clear blockages to restore inner harmony by letting go of what does not serve us any longer such as stress and any lower energies as the body balances with healing sound frequency.

We begin the workshop with bringing attention to our sacred breathe. Then we must always “TUNE IN” with the Sacred Kundalini Yoga Mantras in which all our teachers from the past, present and future will join us and we bridge ourselves to a sacred plane within the cosmos with these Mantras.

Then for 90 minutes you will rest in Savasana and allow the healing of the Gong & Signing Bowls played by Jarna (who is a vehicle for universe energy) to restore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being to be at your Highest Self.

Note to Attendees:
Wear comfortable clothes, warm socks, bring a blanket or shawl to cover you, bring pillow to support your back and head. Bring Water bottle. Anything else which you feel will bring you comfort.

Come 15 minutes prior to start.

Cost: $35 to preregister; $45 at the door


Jarna Parikh has always been in love with mantras, health, wellness and living an authentic life. She has a deep love and understanding for healing foods & mantras; sounds have been sewn into her very being and essence since she was born. She found her soul purpose with healing foods, healing sounds; gongs and singing bowls.

Jarna as a teacher has a unique gift and takes YOU on a beautiful journey, honoring OUR sacred temple (our mind, body, heart, soul) by giving it high vibrating foods and sounds to provide vitality; so, you’re glowing, happy and truly living an authentic life.  Jarna is a certified Health & Wellness Coachfrom Integrative Institute of Nutrition, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a children’s Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga teacher and a Sound Healer known as the “Soulful Gongstress.” She integrates all these disciplines as she teaches. She is also the founder of Kaleful Thoughts; healing foods and sounds by Jarna Parikh.