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Learn Inner Self Defense with Brandon Bjerke


This comprehensive self-defense course is for your inner pragmatist. As loving and kind as the world can be, the realities of our lives can be unpredictable and down-right dangerous. Situations can change instantly— sometimes becoming life-threatening and requiring our immediate response. These experiences can leave us feeling powerless, vulnerable, and unsafe. Second Nature is designed to provide empowerment techniques and practical tools for your own protection. 

Participants will learn proper assessment of dangerous encounters, both physically and energetically. They will learn safe ways to fall, effective blocking and striking techniques, along with wrist and pressure point manipulation. The more advanced lessons will include defense against a knife, when along a wall, and against multiple attackers. 

This course is open to anyone. All attendees are encouraged to: wear street clothes; bring things you would normally have on you (keys, phone, bag, etc); come with questions and scenarios that worry you. The intention is to replicate real life encounters and coax out your natural instincts.

Cost: $75 for pre-registration until May 31st; $85 starting June 1st



Brandon has been studying martial arts for 23 years. Starting at the age of 4, he developed a love for the presence and union of mind-body-spirit that his styles teach. He holds a third degree black belt in Soo Bahk Do (Korean style), the title of Jo Kyo (assistant instructor), and a first degree black belt in Isshin Ryu (Okinawan style). Along side his martial arts training, he has extensive experience in energy work. He has been trained in various styles of Reiki (traditional, psychic, and shamanic) and Magical Awakenings. He is currently teaching weekly Soo Bahk Do classes to children in Upstate New York and holding self-defense workshops regularly.