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Yoga to Repair the Nervous System

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Think of the nervous system as a container. To some, their container is about a half-full juice glass. This type of container can barely hold anything, so there is a limit to the amount of stress or pain this person can hold. With this type of nervous system, it can be hard to even meditate for three minutes before feeling some sort of pain that will distract you. One with a strong nervous system has a system more like a steel barrel, with the ability to hold whatever comes their way. This person can experience and process painful events faster as they can allow the experience without avoiding it. When a person has a strong nervous system there is a capacity to meditate for longer periods and hold pain. This is where healing and release happens.

Most people aren’t even aware of their own nervous system- until they feel the signs of stress: headaches, stomach issues, overactive thoughts, the inability to relax or focus, trouble sleeping, mood swings- these are all markers of the health of the nervous system.

Come for a therapeutic immersion, softening and soothing the nerves with the self-induced energy work techniques of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Breath Work for renewal and a long light Gong Bath to lovingly massage the nerves. The cost for this healing class is $25.

Later Event: July 4