Jason Wood

Center Founder, Energy Medicine Therapist, M. Ed., RMT, CST,Magical Awakening®Level 8

Jason's search for healing began after he took his first psychology coarse in his undergraduate studies. Originally a three year accounting major, he switched his degree due to the profound impact  a psychology coarse had on him. The coarse gave him a language to begin understanding his own anxiety and pain. He then began the long process of healing through psychotherapy.

 In 2007 he enrolled into a Masters program in Counseling. In addition to his graduate studies, he started  studying other alternative avenues in healing, specifically shamanic and energy medicine practices. His first introduction to energy medicine was acupuncture. Acupuncture helped Jason create a peaceful space within, allowing him  to distant himself from the self-destructive behaviors  he was engaged in, and develop insight into why he was unhappy. He then developed  a yoga practice, which strengthen the release of all his "scary" stories and destructive behaviors.

After graduating from his Masters Degree in May of 2010 he began the process of obtaining his LPC which required supervision at a private practice. This was a secure path with great  benefits, but it did not feel authentic. Energy Medicine and Yoga allowed Jason to develop the courage to listen to his "heart", regardless of security, and so he decided to begin his  training in energy medicine. In January of 2011 he developed Pandora Healing leaving the path of psychotherapy. Jason's work is not counseling or psychotherapy but spiritual healing. His practice has evolved into creating a space where individuals can develop insight into there own suffering and begin the process of trusting themselves and their own inner wisdom. Jason achieves this through the spiritual practice of understanding ones story and learning to create a new one. He also uses  energy medicine to help release these stories that are held in the body.

Jason Wood, M. ED., RMT is an Energy Medicine Therapist who incorporates spiritual guidance, reiki, sound and nature based traditions in his private practice. Jason has a Master degree in Counseling and has been trained by Reiki Master, Brett Bevell, who has appeared on NPR and is the author of several acclaimed books including Reiki Magic and Reiki for Spiritual Healing. He was trained in sound by SomaEnergitics and Grammy nominated Daneil 13 Hands.



Sandy Johnson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy (RYT-200) and Radiant Child Yoga

Sandy Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in therapeutic counseling for children, adults and families. Her experience covers a range of emotional concerns that include anxiety, depression, family/peer relationships, as well as childhood trauma, adjustment issues and behavioral concerns. Sandy believes that healing is fostered through relationship and connection. She is committed to providing a mutually respectful environment where each individual may safely address their challenges and develop the skills to experience a more authentic, joyful life.

Inspired by personal and professional experiences, Sandy was compelled to introduce the contemplative practices of therapeutic yoga and mindfulness into her emotional wellness work. These practices encourage quieting the mind and enhancing breathing patterns to balance the nervous system and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sandy is a certified teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy (RYT-200) and is excited to share her concept of "on the mat" group therapy. Also trained in Radiant Child Yoga, Sandy loves to share the joy of children’s yoga as a way to honor and encourage each child’s unique gifts, while facilitating improved regulation of emotions.

Sandy offers individual, family and group counseling as well as one-on-one and small group therapeutic yoga sessions.


Lorin Oneal

Yoga Studio Manager at Pandora, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Therapist

& Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Lorin has been on a path of guiding and teaching others for two decades. She shares the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in her specialized classes and workshops and with clients in private sessions at Pandora. Lorin teaches in corporate settings, colleges, women’s shelters and serves as an adjunct in yoga teacher training certifications. Lorin’s fullest offering is in her Spiritual Counseling sessions that blend eastern and western healing practices and protocols in facilitating changes to the mind. For more information about Lorin and her Soul Restoration program, please refer to the Alternative Healing Page.


Christina Trefurt

Certified Reiki Master

Christina is a Reiki Practioner trained in the Traditional Usui System, certified up to Master Level . Reiki is an advance mediative, gentle hands on or off technique performed by trained reiki practioners that activates and balances the healing energies within us. It promotes a soothing comfort and assists us to activate our own wellness of mind, body , and spirit. Reiki was recommended to Christina, by a friend who is a reiki master, to help release blocked emotions and to ease anxiety. After her first session, she felt a great glow of energy that she never experienced before, she walked into the session feeling anxious short of breath, and walked out feeling calm and balanced. She thought to herself ‘Wow I would love to make people feel that way’ she continued to receive more sessions, after four sessions, she felt a strong calling to learn and grow with reiki.

 Christina grew in experience and received her first degree of Reiki Attunement Level One on October 12th 2014. She knew from that moment during her first attunement that she wanted to expand her reiki knowledge and experience by focusing her energy to be a Master Reiki Practitioner, which she completed on December 6th of 2015. Master Level Reiki degree allows practitioners to practice reiki at a higher level and also teach others. She owes this all to her Wonderful Traditional Reiki Master, Independent Teacher of Reiki, Katherine George. 

Christina has been discovering, growing, and learning as a healer to enhance her healing skill-sets by learning more healing modalities. She loves to practice Reiki on her clients, family, friends, pets, co-workers, and herself. Christina is so blessed to have Reiki as a apart of her life because Reiki has enhanced her spirit, her well being and life in so many ways, it has been an on-going expansion of consciousness that has led to many opportunities for growth and transformation. She is happy to share the gift of reiki to whomever is open and ready to receive it.