Lynda Ferrara, Registered Yoga Teacher

Lynda’s intention when she sought recovery in 1988 was to stop the emotional pain and hopelessness that addiction had inflicted upon her life. One day at a time that darkness has turned to Light, allowing her to move forward on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. After building a solid foundation in 12-Steps for several years, she was introduced to the powerful practice of yoga.  Lynda became a yoga instructor in 2009 under the loving guidance of Sheryl and Neil Edsall. She has since completed a 100 hr. training for “Yoga of Recovery” counseling and is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

The passion and compassion that yoga embodies is the place that Lynda teaches from. Her classes are filled with a comfortable weave of breath, sound, movement, and meditation, where students feel safe and supported regardless of their experience with the practice. She inspires them to tap into their own inner strength and courage that will allow for blissful balance on, as well as off, of the mat. With an open heart full of gratitude, Lynda is honored to be given the opportunity to share the hope that her path of yoga and recovery has so sweetly blessed her with. 

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Lorin Oneal, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher,

Spiritual Counselor & Energy Therapist

Lorin began her path of healing at the age of 18. She was searching to come to terms with the darkness associated with having parents and family members with mental illness, addictions, that suffered in poverty, with a lack of education and the many afflictions and challenges that accompanies such a life. Lorin had a deep desire to transcend this familial path and understand the roots of human behavior. She set out on a course to heal her past. She turned to educating herself by reading psychology and self-help books, the new testament, sacred texts and found a talk therapist. That was the beginning. Life proceeded took take many turns but Lorin later entered the path of awakening her soul with healing dance forms, yoga and somatic therapies.

Since the birth of her second child, in 2002, she has immersed herself in continuous learning with holistic and spiritual studies. Lorin has invested in the formal training in three lineages of yoga, Tibetan reiki, massage therapy, eastern medicine, psychic arts, mediumship and consciousness studies. Currently, Lorin’s fullest offering is in her private work. Her healing/coaching sessions are a crafted system that combines Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, energy medicine, the art of decoding biological symptoms, meditation, yoga, prayer and breath-work.

Lorin has spent twenty years exploring metaphysics, practices and faith systems from traditions and religions worldwide. She recognizes the necessity of bridging modern science, as in quantam physics, spirituality and the real world.

It is her life purpose to help others understand and manage the mind, to allow the heart to heal, rule and live its purpose.

Lorin has always been drawn to serve. As a young woman she worked as an emergency medical technician, in the hospitality industry and for a short period, as an interior designer. Lorin also owned and operated her own yoga studio from 2012- 2016.

Lorin is divorced and has a teen-age son and college-age daughter. Her ethnic background is from all corners of Europe and Canada (the native Micmac tribe). Lorin resides in Montclair, NJ.