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Stepping Out of the Loop and Into Your Life: A Taste of Inner Relationship Focusing

Is your life caught in a loop?


You’ve done endless spiritual and personal growth work. But as soon as you get together with your family, there you are: caught in your loop. As soon as you have to relate to an authority figure, there you are: caught in your loop. Over and over, you find yourself again right there: caught in your same old loop – the same old self-defeating pattern.

There’s a reason these stuck, stale, self-defeating patterns stick around year after year – or for that matter, decade after decade. 

Most of us have learned only two ways to deal with these problematic situations. (1) Get lost in them, or (2) push them away. Or we swing back and forth between the two – endlessly rearranging our deck chairs on the Titanic.

 But there actually is a way out. 40 years ago researchers asked: Why do some of the people who enter therapy change and others don’t? Not only did they discover a major key to change – They discovered that anyone could be taught this skill, which is known as Focusing.

You will learn a simple practice of facilitative language in this mini-workshop that will finally give your stuck patterns the space they need to change. Although these are the most basic, foundational steps of Focusing, past participants have described them as life-changing all by themselves. 

Jocelyn Jacks Kahn is a Certified Focusing Trainer and Guide who has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching the life-changing skills of Focusing since 2010 through both teleclasses and in-person classes, as well as providing individual guided sessions. Prior to encountering Focusing, she spent 20 years learning, practicing and teaching energy healing.

cost: $20.00

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