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Reconnecting from the Inside Out: Wholebody Focusing workshop Day 1

Making Space for Something NEW to Come in Your Life:
A 2-Day Workshop in Wholebody Focusing


What is Wholebody Focusing all about?


Have you ever said to yourself about a difficult conversation, “This time it will be different”…  and then found yourself trapped yet again in your own stale, reactive mental and emotional patterns?


Wholebody Focusing is a resource that is profoundly different from your usual strategies. It gives you the skills to come into a fresh, new relationship to your habitual patterns that actually allows something NEW to come.


The Skills that You Will Develop in this Workshop

 Through discussion and lots of experiential practice and learning within the context of peer partnership, you will leave this workshop with skills you can practice within the context of your own daily-life relationships:

  •  Learn skills to step into a safe, stable and spacious relationship with your stuck patterns in a way that allows them to finally change.
  • Learn to access the rich personal wisdom held in your own Body.

  • Continue growing a real capacity to allow fresh, new and vital energy to come into your life and transform your relationship to the world.

 These skills can immediately be applied in all of the arenas of your  life, whether in your personal relationships or in the workplace.

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Jocelyn Jacks Kahn is a Certified Focusing Trainer and Guide who has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching the life-changing skills of Focusing since 2010 through both teleclasses and in-person classes, as well as providing individual guided sessions. Prior to encountering Focusing, she spent 20 years learning, practicing and teaching energy healing.


cost: $250.00 if registered before 9/28 after this date $300.00 

To register call 201-527-8668 or email

To learn more about Jocelyn visit her website: