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Connecting to the Spirituality of the Body: An Introduction to Wholebody Focusing

A 2-Hour Introductory Workshop

Do you grasp the truly profound resource that the Body Is?

Most of us tend to treat the body as if it is a machine – magnificent, but still a machine. It does what we tell it to, either adequately or inadequately.

 In reality, our Body is the center of a living web of connection.

And because that web of interconnection is alive, new possibilities arise moment by moment that the Body alone can reveal to us. We can come into a new relationship with the Body as a profound spiritual resource.

 What we will do in this 2-hour introductory class:

We will begin with a guided attunement into Grounded Presence - that is, into the here-and-now of the Body. We'll observe the quality of our relating before and after the attunement. And we will then experiment in pairs with what can come with a minimum of words when both you and an “other” relax into a larger self through the web of interconnection that the Body is.

 What you will come away with from this workshop:

Foundational skills you can immediately use in relating to your family, your friends, your colleagues, your clients – and most of all, to yourself.

Jocelyn Jacks Kahn is a certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer and Guide who has taught numerous classes in the life-changing skills of Focusing since 2009. In addition to this “taster” workshop, she is offering a full two-day training in Wholebody Focusing during the first weekend of October.

cost: $20.00

To register call 201-527-8668 or email

To learn more about Jocelyn visit her website: