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Autumnal Ayurvedic Cleanse: 1 Day Community Supported Cleanse Workshop with Lauryn Bellafiore

As the intensity of the summer's heat departs with its abundant, energizing prana, we turn our attention to the harvest of the fall season.  Investing in our health through consciously consuming whole foods that nourish our unique body as well as practicing the mind, body and spirit art of yoga assures us a healthy harvest.  When mind, body and spirit are healthy, we glow with vitality and have light hearts to share with the world.  As we invest our time and energy in our healthy habits, there will be less pain, illness and suffering, leaving our energy available for our family, work, and pleasures.

 Ayurvedic Medicine gives specific suggestions to add to our cleanse based on our current health & how to nourish at maximum in the Fall, naturally, with diet, herbs & Ayurveda Detox therapies. It also helps us to create detoxifying meals for autumn and create  unique Spice Blends.

In this one day workshop you will recive:

-Ayurveda Basics

-Consultation & Dosha evaulation

-Prepare a Vata Pacifying herbal Abhyanga(massage) oil

-Guided self care practices

-Ritucharya (Seasonal Routine)

-Dinacharya (Daily Routine) 

-Tracking seasonal foods/wild edibles

To Learn more about Lauryn Bellafiore , Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner visit her Facebook page:

Cost: pre-registration before 10/22 $115.00 after 10/22 $135.00

To pre-register email