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Sound Healing Ceremony with Alan Pratt and Jason Wood


This will be Jason & Alan's 6th appearance together at Pandora Healing Center. The synthesis of Alan's voice and energy channeling, along with Jason's musical performance (using an impressive collection of crystal & Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, & more), results in an extraordinarily deep shamanic healing & activation. Both men are powerful healers & tribal leaders. One ceremony can bring about a significant shift in an illness, and ignite a quantum leap in your own healing & psychic abilities.

Alan Pratt conducts sound healing & activation ceremonies around the U.S., singing & speaking in celestial languages, and co-creating with other healers & musicians.  Io Uyzuy, or ‘whole being healing’, is an ancient practice that is being brought back to us at a crucial time in the human journey. Alan Pratt is a primary channel for this modality, bringing healing and activation to thousands. In private sessions and in ceremony, we remove trauma, blocks, attached entities and negative programming; allowing the electromagnetic body to bring in light frequencies of Love, activating our dormant DNA strands and unleashing our highest abilities. This work is appropriate for people dealing with physical, emotional & mental illness; artists, performers and creators; and light workers of all paths, who wish to expand their capacity and increase their power. Connect with your Spirit Guides, transport to other timelines, experience shamanic release and more.Alan has had success with cancer, tumors, arthritis, depression & addiction.

To find out more about Alan visit his webpage:

Jason Wood is an Energy Medicine Therapist who incorporates spiritual guidance, reiki, sound and nature based traditions in his private practice. Jason has a Master's Degree in Counseling and has been trained by Reiki Master, Brett Bevell, who has appeared on NPR and is the author of several acclaimed books. He was trained in sound by SomaEnergitics and Grammy nominated Daniel 13 Hands. Jason is a Reiki Master and a certified Sound therapist and has been working with the crystal bowls and gongs since 2010.



cost: $35.00

Please preregister for this event, as previous events have sold out. Tickets may not be available at the door. 

You can either sit in a chair or lie down. Chairs will be provided. If you plan on lying down, please bring your own mat, throw, blanket, and/or pillow. We will only have a limited supply of these.