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Private Session with Healer Alan Pratt

Alan sings and speaks in dozens of 'celestial languages', taking participants deep into a shamanic trance state, where we connect with our guides, purge old trauma, and activate our dormant strands of DNA. The sound and the energy moving through Alan is astounding. You will feel huge waves of energy flowing in & out of your physical body & auric field. You may have clear visions or visitations with your personal Spirit Guides & ancestors. Your arms & legs might shake & move spontaneously, as the energetic blocks are removed and your innate powers are restored. You may astral travel to other multidimensional realms. Many people liken these healing sessions to medicine ceremonies in the Amazon; old pain, 'energetic density', attached entities & outdated programming will surface to be released -- breathe deep & flow with Spirit, and you will achieve excellent results. One session with Alan can bring about a significant shift in an illness, and ignite a quantum leap in your own healing & psychic abilities.

During the psychic channeling portion of the session, the Ascended Masters speak directly through Alan to guide you in all areas of your life, and to answer your vital questions. Ascended Masters & Spirits that heal & speak through Alan include the Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Y’shua, Cristos, Maria Magdalena, St. Germaine, the Archangels Metatron, Jophiel, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Arial & Sandalfon, the Green Man, Melchizedek, El Morya, Adama of Atlantis & more. Some people see the Spirits in front of Alan as he channels them. The coaching is direct & delivered with compassion & a sense of humor.


Alan is credited with a number of healing ‘miracles’, including cancer, addiction, people dropping canes and walking freely, and more. Alan’s first cancer success was a 57-year old man with severe throat and tongue cancer, whose system was wrecked from the chemo & radiation, when he came to Alan in the summer of ’09. Alan worked with this man 3 times a week for 7 weeks and the man was declared completely cancer free. He is now 62 and in good health. Alan’s most recent successes, in 2015, include:

* A 75-year-old female who had a kidney removed & then a malignant tumor grew in its place. After 10 sessions in 4 weeks, her doctors said the “PET scan is completely negative, the tumor is gone, no more chemo.”

* Breast cancer — The mastectomy was scheduled before we met; the client had previous surgeries & had been on medications for 5 years. Spirit guided us to do 2 sessions prior to the mastectomy. After the operation, the doctors found no cancer in the tissue mass they removed, or in the woman’s body.

* Measurable improvement with clients suffering a range of illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes, addictions, eczema, urinary tract pain, abdominal cramps & ALS.

to learn more about Alan visit his website: or his interview on a local TV station:

Cost: $125.00

Must pay in Advance.


Appointments Available:

Wednesday, October 26th

Thursday, October 27th

Saturday, October 29th


to make an appointment call 201-527-8668 or email