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Kambo Amazon Medicine Ceremony

Pandora Will be hosting two Kambo Medicine Ceremonies led by trained Kambo Practitioner and initiated Medicine Women, Frances A. Cunza. Limited to 10 participants for each session. This ceremony offers participants a unique experience of natures benevolence, and a powerful cleanse and rejuvination of the body, mind and spirit. 

  Kambô is the traditional name of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog as well as it's potent secretion. It's secretion is a powerful, integrative and ancient spiritual medicine from the Amazon Rainforest. It is a holistic medicine that aids in bringing all levels of the body, mind and spirit back into optimal balance. It's been used traditionally to treat illnesses, reduce pain, increase energy, focus the mind and dissolve Panema, negative energy. Amazonian indians honor it as a magical and benevolent medicine that brings strength, focus and meaningful good luck!

 Scientists have also become curious about this medicine, and have been researching it for over thirty years. It is now considered one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world, and one of the strongest natural ways to strengthen the immune system. Kambô is legal in the USA, greatly due to the fact that it is not a hallucinogenic. Nonetheless, this unique medicine offers many people distinct personal messages on how to live a better life.

Frances A. Cunza is a trained Kambô Practitioner. While living in Brazil, she was introduced to the powerful healing of kambô by an indigenous medicine man of the Yawanawá tribe of the Amazon Rainforest. Between apprenticing, training and performing independently, Frances has worked with more than 100 clients.

Frances has been studying and practicing ancient medicine wisdom for over five years. She has a love for North American Indigenous ritual, Inter-Faith celebration and Amazon medicine ceremony. She currently serves as a Ceremony Leader, Holistic Health Educator of Yoga and Shamanism, Kambô Practitioner, and Devotional Singer.

Her holistic background and experience as a ceremony leader enable her to create a sacred and safe space for all those receiving this precious medicine.

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Cost: $120.00

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