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Ancient Secrets of Isis-Magdalene: The Sacred Fire of Ecstasy 3-Day Retreat

World renowned Ancient Language, Culture and Philosophy Mystic Dale Allen Hoffman and Isis-Magdalene and Sacred Sensuality Model Loretta Hoffman will be leading a 3 day experiential retreat based on the ancient wisdom secrets of Isis-Magdalene. This retreat will help you expand your heart and let go of the shame and guilt messages that your body has been carrying around for lifetimes. The teachings are based on the Egyptian Mystery and Dale's decades of research on the Aramaic Language. Mary of Magdalene has long been a misunderstood teacher. Her involvement with Yeshua was demonized and chained by the patriarchal culture, clouding her teachings and deep wisdom. During this weekend retreat, Dale and Loretta will create a space for the wisdom of Isis-Magdalene to breath life into the fire within.  

In this retreat you will experience:

The Removal of Guilt, Fear and Shame from the Energy Body Temple  [Aramaic Hyklah — Eqyptian Ka]

 Opening into the Divine Light of Isis-Magdalene.  Stepping Beyond Sexual Shaming and Abuse

 The Intensive Experiential Depth of the Ancient Aramaic Magdalene Teachings, many of which were only disseminated in her native language of Aramaic

 Opening the Cosmic Heart  and Allowing the Sacred Fire of Ecstasy

 Assisting the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

 Opening The Seven Energetic Voices

 Where do we go from here?

 Seven Generations

Dale and Loretta will explore The Seven Feminine Voices of Isis-Magdalene. A holistic and comprehensive overview of the ancient Aramaic, Egyptian and Eastern teachings on the Seven Energetic Voices referred to in The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, foolishly mistranslated as seven "devils", "demons" or "vices" [Aramaic sheadeyn, Greek daimonia] in Chapter 16 of The Gospel of Mark [Aramaic Marqus]. Also, a Sacred Feminine Altar of Pure Intent will be activated on Friday with Root and Sacral Chakra Intention, Invitation, Isis-Magdalene Maria Invocation and Vocal Intonation with extended meditative silence.

With Sahasrara - Christos Crown Chakra Water Initiation; Warm Ajna Third Eye Anointing; Crystal Signing Bowl; Buffalo Hoop Drum Dream Journey. StillPoint Breathing, energy healing and indigenous dream journeying opens the etheric Ka body, referred to by Yeshua (Jesus) as the Hyklah (Life Temple). Dale shows attendees how to activate what Yeshua called Enana, or, “The I within the I.” StillPoint Breathing inspires deep healing and growth quickly. The “still point” is the “hovering” space, prior to our personal, individual consciousness, before the creation of all thought forms including emotions, feelings, ideas, ideas, feelings, beliefs and identity.

 The energetic opening process climaxes with a water healing and anointing ceremony in the pre-Christian, ancient Egyptian context accompanied by a deeply profound musical soundtrack. Focus is on the deep release and transmutation of energies and beliefs which conceal the true nature of our inherent Divinity. Attendees should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, bring a water bottle, yoga mat or blanket to lay on, as well as a sheet to lay over yourself during the breath work process in case you get cold.

 And Finally, Dale and Loretta will open the Seven Feminine Voices of The Life Temple, offer a Saturday Ceremonial Cacao Circle at The Sacred Altar of Pure Intent and Open the Tareah-Portal through Intensive Indigenous Trance Toning.

Learn how to consciously intone ancient and indigenous sounds, words and phrases in harmony with extended meditative silence to activate states of deep Presence and healing. Activate the blissful experience of vocal overtones and deep, primordial emotional release through the natural, resonant frequencies of your own voice.

Time:  Friday, October 21st 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
            Saturday, October 22nd 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
            Sunday, October 23rd 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cost:  $249.00  if register before 10/10

           $300.00 if register after 10/10

          $450 If register as a couple before 10/10


Retreat Fee Includes: 

All Support Materials and Saturday Ceremonial Cacao Circle

This is a Non-Residential retreat and does not include accommodations or meals