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Private Healing Sessions with Tobias Lars

Soul Sessions with Tobias Lars


The most important thing on the planet today is that individual souls awaken & step into their own awareness & power. Focusing on the 'problems' with our world isn't helpful - Activating our own lives, our Souls, our inner Selves into the powerful, practical, awake & conscious beings we really are is the solution - that is the work of Sedona Soul Counseling & Soul Activation Sessions.

With over 20 yrs experience in spiritual & physical healing - Tobias Lars BS, MBA,   focuses on activating his clients into their true, powerful, spiritual Selves. There are layers of our Selves - like those Russian nesting dolls - and at this time many of us are asking to awaken to our Larger Selves. A 'Soul Activation' triggers latent energies & abilities that are inside all of us. A 'Soul Script Reading' reveals your intentions for incarnating into this lifetime. 'Soul Counseling' is practical intuitive assistance from Spirit about living in the daily world. A Soul Reading is a 'reading' for individual souls' lifetime intentions. 

Only THREE sessions are available! Four different types of sessions are being offered:

  • $175 for Soul Counseling Session
  • $200 for Soul Script Reading Session
  • $250 for Soul Retrieval Sessions
  • $270 for Soul Activation Session
  • See below for descriptions of each healing session. 

For more information, or to book a session, please call 201-527-8668.


We ask for Divine Consciousness, our own Higher Intelligence to be present and assist us with the most relevant topics to address for your soul''s growth . It is a relaxing, sinking into, becoming inwardly quiet and allowing Spirit to guide the way. We will be talking while getting clarity and understanding of 'what's going on with me'- and at the same time some subtle energy work will be happening.

In a Session we may:

  • Hear from your Higher Self, your larger Consciousness which sometimes takes the form of angels-guides-the divine in answering your questions
  • Find practical solutions to everyday needs about $, relationships, work, health
  • "Go direct" to God, your own inner voice, know for sure what’s the next step for you
  • Find out what your soul is here to do
  • Open up to the energies of direct Connection and aliveness more
  • Start to Hear more directly your own inner voice to guide you on your soul’s path this lifetime
  • Experience the "no-time space", the eternal space from where you create your life
  • Get to the “heart” of the matter
  • Connect with the peace and knowing that we as souls long for
  • Learn how tolet more abundance into your life with more ease
  • Be guided towards your true work
  • Learn how to attractreal love into your life


  • Your soul has/had a 'soul script' before it incarnated, a plan for what you wanted to accomplish
  • Sometimes we forget what this 'soul script' is and it's helpful to be put back in conscious contact with it
  • There's also a larger 'soul print' or 'soul type' that we are and when we understand what that is we can function better and more enjoyably in the world


SOUL RETRIEVAL - is a process where actual pieces of our 'souls' that have been fragmented, cut off, 'stolen' by other beings, often through some trauma or unhealed emotions are 'retrieved', healed and put back into our 'soul bodies' where they belong. The reasons for 'soul loss' can be from childhood, from other lifetimes, or in other space-time dimensions or parallel lifetimes.
Shamans & Masters that I work with have shared with me how to see and sense these 'umbilical cords' that lead to the 'soul fragments' that are ready to be retrieved. It is on the subtle 'soul essence' plane of energies that this work is done. Sometimes you will feel/see some of what it is about and sometimes you won't. I like to work in the subtle most efficient healing ethers and with 'gracefull erasure' of any associated difficulties and then the 'soul energies' naturally come back and re integrate into your Soul and Self.

You can expect results like these from a Soul Retrieval Session:

  • Feel 'fuller' of your own energies, feel more 'whole', more relaxed in being your Self
  • Past longstanding 'issues' may clear up almost overnight after a Soul Retrieval
  • New Energies of support, relaxing, just feeling good
  • New Clarity in how soul & spiritual energies work
  • New & Past Relationships will change towards balance and respect between Souls
  • Feeling clearer about what your Soul really wants to do


These sessions are usually very little talking and more direct energy activation work.

  • A deep ''settling'' of the body, a cellular relaxation often occurs
  • You may feel energy moving in your body from inside and outside
  • Feel a deep profound peace come and rejuvenate your being
  • Feel spirit’s love envelop you electromagnetically
  • Dormant DNA will begin to be activated
  • We will work with the energy centers in your body and assist in balancing these
  • Sound may be used to tone, vibrate & calibrate your energetic bodies
  • You may go into a ''Divine Sleep'' where you are assisted in repair of your systems
  • A deep energetic ''god seed'' will be activated inside you that will accelerate your opening into your awakened self