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New Class! Morning Guided & Silent Meditation with Peter


Is your busy life driving you nuts? Do you strive to feel more centered, peaceful, and at one with yourself and the World, no matter what is going on in your life? Interested in meditation but just confused about how to best approach it? Or, maybe you tried meditation but couldn’t figure out how to make it work for you? 

Starting November 1st and 3rd, Peter Hoffman will host Weekly Meditation Classes on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am, and Thursday nights at 6:00 pm. All classes are donation based. We will discuss a different meditation topic at the beginning of each class for 5-10 minutes and explore both basic & advanced guided meditation techniques.

These Weekly Meditation Classes serve as an inclusive, compassionate, and open community for you to practice meditation – whether you are totally new to meditation, have a current meditation practice, or have experienced frustration with meditation before. The classes are suitable for everyone – from the novice soccer mom or stay-at-home dad to the busy corporate executive to even the most veteran meditation practitioner. The classes are not based upon any religion and are accessible to people of all varieties of faith and beliefs.

Join us in community to enhance your meditation practice and meet like-minded friends at the same time!

Cost: These classes are donation based.

Peter Hoffman has been on a journey of transformation during the past 5 years. Peter experienced severe health problems, left his corporate job, and started a health & lifestyle coaching business. Through all the adversity in the beginning of this journey, he found meditation. For the past year-and-ahalf he has had a consistent daily meditation practice. He also recently completed a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat. Peter is a holistic lifestyle coach and owner of Hoffmonious Life, using the tools of nutrition, meditation, yoga, exercise, and community to empower clients to true and lasting happiness.