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Goddess Dance with Esira Castillo

This workshop combines dance, meditation, and Goddess messages to explore our inner strength and divine feminine power. Join us to embark on the Goddess journey of self-acceptance, self-expression, and soul liberation through dance. It's time to claim your feminine sovereignty and awaken every aspect of the Goddess within you! 


What To Bring?

Dress in comfortable attire that is unrestricted and will allow you to stretch. Bring plenty of water to hydrate. 

Who Can Attend:

This workshop is for adults who are interested in learning about feminine energy and working with the characteristics attributed to the divine feminine. This is a multi-level workshop and prior dance experience is not required. The movements are of low to medium intensity, and can be modified to enhance participant experience.

Why Dance Meditation?

Dance has helped many obtain a sense of freedom / soul liberation by letting go of mind inhibitions and trusting the body's wisdom to heal emotional wounds. It is an empowering practice that connects the mind, body, and soul, and cultivates self-acceptance and increases self-confidence. In additional to promoting physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength, dance is a creative outlet for full self-expression, and one of many sacred feminine rituals. 

Cost: $25