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The Shadow Shift Experience with Junie Moon Schreiber

Transformation that allows fully living in alignment with your soul’s purpose with Junie Moon Schreiber- Certified Shadow Work ® Facilitator

If you are a personal growth junkie, achievement addict, spiritual seeker, or find yourself exhibiting behaviors that sabotage your joy, listen up!

Sustainable transformation that allows you to open to your soul’s deepest calling is possible when you get in touch with your unconscious beliefs.  When we shine a light on that which you CAN NOT SEE ALONE, and shift your old stories, change happens. Old patterns of dysfunction melt away and you find the confidence to speak your truth and set healthy boundaries, open to love, and make bold decisions to manifest your dreams.

 Would you like to finally understand why you hold yourself back and sabotage your success in love, health and your career? 

In this Three Hour experience, you will get clear on what you are truly wanting, why you don’t have it and experience a profound shift that will allow movement toward achieving fulfillment in what matters most to you. 

To Learn more about Juni visit her website:

Cost: $35.00 if you pre-register before 4/22                                                                                  $45.00 if you register after 4/22


To register call 201-572-8668 or email