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11th Day of The Moon: Ego vs Intuition with Abhiajot

Energetically the 11th day of the moon Ekadasi  day is the strongest day of the Lunar cycle.   Yogiji taught that this is the day when your system is balance. The glandular system and metabolism readjusts itself on this day. This is a day of purity, prayer, and manifestation. In this high vibrational day we will dissect the ego ( mind ) which is made up of thoughts and beliefs from the  past (unreality)  and  learn how to move with intuition. Your intuition is the voice of your own inner Teacher that guides you from darkness (unconsciousness) into Light (expanded consciousness). Yogi Bhajan said our mind is 60% Subconscious, 20% unconscious, and 20% consciousness (intuitive). In this day of purification we will shift our frequency in our brains to a higher expanded conscious and learn how to identify if it is our ego talking or our intuition speaking. 

*Fasting is recommended for the day to keep in balance but is not mandatory.   Water with lemon, water with pink himalayan sea salt and lime or green juice all day, if you must eat very light green foods.  Email questions to

Cost: $25.00 if register before 5/16 and $35.00 if register after 5/16

Register by calling 201-527-8668 or emailing