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Pendulum Crafting Workshop with Brenna Scheff

Come learn the Art of Divination! Construct your very own Pendulum and, adorn it with a hand stitched bead that you will weave your own energy into. Learn the beginning basics of divining! Everyone will get their own pendulum board, created by yours truly, and all the tools you need to embark on your Pendulum Journey. Divining is the art of connecting oneself with the energies of the universe and the forces around us. Come learn how to get in touch with your Higher self, Angels, and Spirit Guides! Just B!

Brenna has taught people from 7 to 77 some of her jewelry making techniques. While all her  jewelry at Free to B is unique, she enjoys teaching others who want to share in her passion. She has always encouraged learning the art of jewelry making and enjoys helping people find their own personal design and color sense.  Her motto is to “Just B!” and Brenna believes that true design begins with the understanding of how color relationships can change mood and our approach to our everyday lives. Those who choose to live their day in all black may see the day differently from someone who decided to try some yellow, orange, or red. Learning how to free the mind and soul to create what cannot be expressed through words is an everyday adventure we should all take. How we experience the world around us is what makes us… US!

Cost: $60.00 if register before 5/18 and $75.00 if register after 5/18

To register call 201-527-8668 or email