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Aramaic Toning, Silence and Energetic Alchemy Circle with Dale Hoffman

Dale offers an intimate, candlelit gathering of intensive Aramaic, Hebrew and Egyptian vocal toning, transformational breath work, buffalo hoop drum dream journeying and extended meditative silence. Experience the rediscovered Gnostic Egyptian mystery school arts of tantric vocal toning and energetic alchemy to open the etheric ka body, referred to by Yeshua (Jesus) as the hyklah (Life Temple). 

Dale Allen Hoffman is a "civilian scholar", mystic and healer – Ancient Insight for the Present Moment. Rather than studying religious history from within the orthodoxy of theological institutions, Dale chose to step off the track of religious programming and take a path less traveled. He encourages others to stop "eating from the menu being served" and to instead embrace an honest, balanced exploration of the actual, authentic history of The Yeshua [Jesus] Teachings in all of its manifestations. He travels internationally sharing the experiential philosophies veiled beneath millennia of misunderstandings, skewed translations and a general lack of perception. Dale has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light.

Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light is a soul journey back to the beginning of the primal vibrations of Life Itself. Dale Allen Hoffman offers insightful guidance on how to awaken the deep experiential wisdom threaded within The Yeshua Teachings through the ancient indigenous practice of vocal toning. Dale guides us into the process of toning the Aramaic words of Yeshua (Jesus) to activate lucid states of alert, ecstatic Presence within a matter of seconds. Learn how to integrate the profound, transformational sound healing process of vocal toning into all facets of your life, work and relationship.

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Cost: $35.00 if Register before 7/6 and $45.00 if register after 7/6

To register call 201-527-8668 or email