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Exploration of Self Through Dreams ~ An Introduction to Dreamwork with Jill Eras

Exploration of Self through Dreams ~ An Introduction to Dreamwork with Jill Eras

Saturday September 10, 2016 1-2:30pm - $10


Dreams are the sacred language of the soul and offer an ancient practice for reclaiming our true Self. Through working with our dreams we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of our soul and start to peel back years and perhaps lifetimes of trauma and pain. Working tenderly with our deepest feelings, we learn to allow our soul to be our compass. Dreams show us the way with love, support, humor, specific direction, and healing of our long held pain and grief…all of this leads to love and connection with our Self and with each other. 

At this introductory meeting, Jill will lead the exploration of the meaning and teaching of our dreams. Jill brings her many years of individual and group Dreamwork training, along with sensitivity and support, to guide and facilitate the atmosphere for depth of feeling and exploration. Ours will be a safe and loving container where all are held with respect and tenderness.

Join us as we create a sacred circle of Dreamwork…one born of love and learning. Bring your open heart, dreams and curiosity. This introductory meeting will pave the way for an ongoing Dreamwork Circle, where we can hold space for each other to explore the unique language and teaching of our dreams.