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An Introduction to Happier! :) with Katie Leiher

“What if the secret to a flourishing life was actually a formula? What if the elements were already known? Turns out, nearly two decades of research have been dedicated to uncovering what enables people to live vibrant, flourishing lives.  Positive psychology is a new field of study that uses rigorous science to answer the question, ‘What’s right with you? And, how can we build more of that?’  


Tired of feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, disengaged or over-stimulated? Join Katie for this eye-opening workshop where you will:

       Discover the formula for thriving, based on published, academic research.

       Learn how to take back the reigns to your life through simple, proven tools for managing your thoughts, shifting your emotions and inspiring your actions.

       Identify simple tweaks to your schedule, outlook and habits that can lead to dramatic and measurable increases to your well-being.


Workshop cost: $10, and if you sign up for the 10-Week series at this workshop, you will save $50!! 


Katie Leiher is the owner and Officer of Delight and All Things Magical at Heroes Journey CrossFit ( She is a meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, crossfit and yoga instructor, positive psychology practitioner and lover-of-life, vitality and all things spiritual. Her mission and passion is to empower people to live happier, healthier, flourishing lives. She believes that the studied and proven tools of positive psychology help people bridge the gap between their spiritual selves and their earthly lives. She's obsessed with deep human connection. She feels most alive when engulfed in mountains, rivers, sunshine and fresh air. She's currently exploring painting as a mindfulness practice. And she enjoys daily cuddles with her rescued pup, Sweet Pea.