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Ecstatic Trance with Jason Wood

Ecstatic Trance with Jason Wood 

12 New Poses! Begins Sunday, September 18th

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm


In 1970 Felicitas Goodman, Doctor of Anthropology, discovered through her studies of religious trance an incredible spiritual technology. Originally researching religious trance found the Pentecostal movement, She stumbled upon the technology in the use of postures to invoke a specific trance. She found throughout every ancient culture there where statues of humans in the same posture. Knowing that trance was a very important part in the day to day living of ancient cultures, she decided to have her student maintain a certain posture accompanied by beating on a drum  210 beats per minuted (bpm) causing a trance state. (Science has shown that beating on a drum 210 bpm induces alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves induce deep relaxation and stimulate the visual cortex.) Her students reported similar trance experiences according to the posture that was maintained. After thousand and thousand of case studies and over 30 years of research , Dr. Goodman began to find a pattern and clearly saw that the ancient culture used these posture to connect with an alternate reality and would use the postures to assist in this process. Some of the posture are used for divination, others for healing, and others for connecting to the land and the ancestors. She discovered a total of 60 postures. 

In this series we will explore 12 new postures. We will meet every Sunday night @ 7:00 pm starting September 18th. Each night we will explore two of the postures by actually experiencing them through the beating of the drum and by discussing the experience with each other. The hope is that we will develop a useful skill that can help us navigate through life and strengthen our connection to the spiritual world. Currently our western culture has become infatuated by the material world and has neglected the spiritual connection to all things. Our ancestors nurtured their spiritual identity by creating trance experiences to connect to the alternate reality, a reality that they felt was more real then the material reality. 


Series Packet:      $85.00 if preregister by 9/16 (save $35)

                             $100.00 if register after 9/16 (save $20)

                             $20 per class Drop-In