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Pure Potentiality Lighting Your Ten Bodies with Abhaijot

Pure Potentiality Lighting Your Ten Bodies with Abhaijot

A 10-Week Series: September 18th - November 20th

Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am



Your Ten Bodies are your powerful dimensions as a human being.

Yogi Bhajan once said "Hu" means light, aura, halo. "Man" means the mind. These dimensions of yourself allow you to be joyfully creative, obedient to your higher consciousness, and to see spirit in everyone. They let you evaluate the input of your mind to reach a compassionate, neutral place, and they enable you to create sacredness, and to live a balanced and blissful life. Awareness of the Ten Bodies that we all carry lets you live life as a radiant, self-initiated, limitless being. Yogi Bhajan said we are "Self Sensory Humans". The experience of being fully HUMAN is found in the harmonious expression of the Ten bodies. During this 10 week series we will ignite our Ten Bodies one by one and understand not only what they are but how they relate to our sensory self. When our the energetic and electromagnetic aspects are in harmony the "Self Sensory Human" is revealed. This is our human upgrade to manifest our Purest Potential. 



Preregister Before 9/17: $180

After 9/17 $200

$22 Drop In

*These series are HIGHLY transformative and recommended to commit to the whole series to receive the transmission and ending transformation