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Morning Meditation Series with Peter


Starting Wednesday, September 7th, Peter Hoffman will host an 11 class series during the month of September. We will come together in community on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 6:15am to discuss a different meditation topic each day and explore basic guided meditation techniques. This Morning Meditation Series is an inclusive, compassionate, and open community for you to practice meditation – whether you are totally new to meditation, have a current meditation practice, or have experienced frustration with meditation before. 

Hesitant? Why meditate with us, you ask? (especially in the early morning hours when you may normally be sleeping?!)

There are many, MANY physical and psychological benefits from meditation. Emotionally, meditation lessens worry, anxiety, fear, stress, loneliness, depression, and improves self-esteem, optimism, relaxation, and awareness. Mentally, it increases mental strength, focus, memory, creativity, and decision making. Physically, it improves your immune system, energy levels, breathing, heart rate, and longevity. 

Most importantly, meditation will ever so gently and kindly have you commit to yourself. We start to realize that the only way the world can change is if we as individuals decide to commit to changing ourselves for the better. The world needs more mindfulness. We need more peace. We need more people who are capable of sitting still, remaining calm, and bringing objectivity to life, and meditation seems to be the answer. 

Additionally, meditators report higher levels of happiness and overall life satisfaction in study after study. Guess what? Happy people don't commit as many violent crimes. Happy people don't start wars. Happy people don't live divided and with nearly as much racism, classism, bigotry, or separation. The only way this type of world can change is if we as individuals and a community set the example… to meet hate with love, not more hate.

So. please come join us in community to start your day in meditation! Whether you desire the physical, mental, or emotional benefits, you will be happier for doing it. :) 


Peter Hoffman has been on a spiritual journey for the past 5 years, experiencing a total dismantling while on the standard American life path. For the past year-and-a-half he has had a consistent daily meditation practice. He recently completed a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat. Peter is also a holistic health coach and owner of Hoffmonious Life, using the tools of nutrition, yoga, meditation, exercise, and personal finance to empower clients to true and lasting happiness. You can check out his website here


$65 for the series. $15 Drop-In