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Vibrational Alchemy: Kundalini Mantra and Gong Trinity with Abhaijot Kaur

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Mantra is known as medicine for the mind. Powered by the vibrational essence of the Gong and Crystal bowls the sound current weaves its way through the cellular DNA to crystallize the cells in the Naad. In yogic cosmology and science it is said that the Universe is made of sound.

All matter is vibrating at certain frequencies. Through mantra repetition, of these sacred sounds one brushes off a layer of unreality that causes us to falsely identify with the ego and opens up our inner channels to the Divine energy within.

Join Abhaijot Kaur, KRI and Jason Wood, Energy Medicine Therapist and owner of Pandora Healing on a monthly journey of Vibrating the Cosmos unlocking the Vibrational Alchemy within.

Costs: The Sacred Trine $77 and Individual Alchemy: $30

November 12th: The Inner Ear

December 10th: The Seeds Of Truth

January 14th: Manifestation As Above So Below

Abhaijot Kaur, Kundalini Research Institute, IKYTA

Abhaijot is a healer who has been practicing yoga since 15. She is honored to serve others through the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Abhaijot is Kundalini Yoga Therapist, a Khalsa Way Certified Prenatal Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, and a Radiant Child Yoga Teacher.

She is a teacher at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC and T.A. at Golden Bridge Yoga Teacher Trainings with her teacher Gurmukh Khalsa who she studied with in India. She has served the teachingsin Uganda Africa to schools and women correctional facilities. She teaches yoga in the public schools and to the women Rikers Island.

Her love affair and gratitude for Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini and all of its teachings continues to embody her heart, life and classes with healing love, depth, transformation, abundance, and light.

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