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Transport Yourself into the Angelic Realm with Melissa Miranda

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Learn how to communicate with the angels

You are invited on a journey to explore the angels and the angelic realm. Transport yourself into the angelic realm and connection with your angels. Discover your unique channel of communication with the angels and the angelic realm with Melissa Miranda.

Melissa, is an Intuitive Life Coach, Angelic Channeler, and Energy Healer/Expert who specializes in communicating with the angelic realm and tapping into a person’s energy field to see where there is a need of healing and how to uncover your spiritual and intuitive gifts. Allow yourself to enjoy the support, and guiding the journey into discovering your unique connection with your angels. Whether you are a beginner or have been on a spiritual path for years, this gathering will provide you will insight into your unique abilities in communicating with your angels.

What You Will Learning:

  • What are angels & what they are not?
  • How angels connect & communicate with you?
  • How you can connect with your angel(s)?
  • How to use angel cards & do angel readings for yourself and others?
  • How to increase your connection & communication with the angels & the angelic realm?
  • & much more!

Join Melissa for a fun day with the angels and transport yourself into the angelic realm for a few hours. 

Cost: Pre-registration $55 until January 15th after 1/15 registration is $77

Learn more about Melissa and the angels by visiting:


Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Ages 12 years and up.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Is it ok if the name on my registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes, and please email with the correct name before the event starts.

Can I bring extra people to the event that did not register ahead of time?

Yes. It’s beneficial to have all guests planning to attend to pre-register. So space is prepared for you. Guest will need to purchase ticket at the door: $77

What time will doors open?

12:50 pm

Are there assigned seats?

No, it is general admission seating. Come early for better seat selection.

How can I learn more about Melissa Miranda before this event?


How can I email the organizer with any questions?



Melissa Miranda is an experienced Intuitive Life Coach, Angelic Channeler, and Energy Healer/Expert. Melissa has inspired, coached, and guided thousands of people all around the world with her unique intuitive skills. She has helped clients through their journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening and uncovering their unique intuitive gifts.  

One of Melissa’s specialties within her intuitive type is connecting to another person’s energy and teaching them how to make life-changing and empowering decisions using their intuition.  

In the last 7 years, Melissa has mastered how intuition works and how to guide others in using their own intuition. Melissa has developed many programs to support her clients in mastering their intuition and their communication with the angels and spirit guides. 

Melissa’s passion in life is to help end suffering in the world by empowering and educating people to navigate through life’s journey. Melissa’s goal is for you to master and utilize your unique intuitive skills to enhance your experience.

Later Event: January 21
Energy Share