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Sound Bath with Karen Skolski, Jim Robinson, and Zachary Wolfgang


Karen Skolski, Jim Robinson and Zachary Wolfgang are happy to be bringing you their Healing Sounds. They will help you break up and release the old energetic debris that you are willing to let go of, so that you can move into a new energy. 

This month of January, there are 2 full moons, both Super Moons, a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The Moon represents your emotions, subconscious, habits, memories, moods, maternal instincts, nurturing and need for security. Full moons can help shine a light in your subconscious awareness to see where balance is needed. Eclipses provide an energetic plane to help you evolve and advance. What is obscuring your light or casting shadows. This is an intense time, especially for the Divine Feminine which is connected to the Blue Moon. These Moons offer a great potential for love, compassion, forgiveness and peace. Please join us as we celebrate the end of the old cycle and beginning of the new. 

Suggested donation $15.00 

You may bring a mat & blanket/pillow in case we run out. 

Also a small non edible item to be placed on the altar. You will be taking this newly charged item back home with you.