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Spring Equinox Gong Immersion with David Karlberg

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A Gong Immersion is a meditative and transformational experience. The sounds and vibrations of the gongs wash over you creating deep feelings of peace, relaxation and timelessness. The energy of the gong takes hold of you and moves you in wonderfully unexpected ways. Some participants have described it as an emotional cleansing, a spiritual alignment, or an energetic journey.

Multiple tuned gongs create complex harmonics, deep pulsing tones and beautifully rhythmic waves of sound. These tones remind the listener of deep space, distant voices, or the songs of nature. Listeners are often surprised and moved by the types of sounds that are created.

Before the gong bath, the listeners will be guided through breathing exercises, physical movement and chanting. These prepare the listener for the experience by relaxing their body and stilling their mind.

Bring mats, blankets and cushions if you wish to lie on the floor.
Some cushions will be available on site.
Chairs are available if you prefer to sit.

Cost: $25 per person to preregister; $35 after March 19th

About David:

David is a musican, a sound healer, and an explorer of the vibrational landscape. He became entranced with the transformational effects of the gong, and has been sharing the gong as a powerful tool for meditation, self-healing, and self-discovery. He is a student of Gong Master Don Conreaux, and has studied Gong Healing with Mike and Gallina Tamburo. He has studied sound healing with John Beaulieu and Sylvia Nakkach.