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Psychic Reiki Training with Brett Bevell


Master energy healer and author Brett Bevell shares new secrets from his upcoming book Psychic Reiki (due out from Monkfish Publishing April, 2018). 

Psychic Reiki Training

Energy Healing is an expression of our infinite connection to divine life force and divine imagination. When these divine forces move through us, they bring healing, wisdom, and the ability to fully express our soul’s higher purpose.

With kindness, humor, and a light heart, he teaches us to:

• Work with the Reiki crystal to send healing at a distance
• Open energetic portals to divine realms within organs and organ systems of the human body
• Access the power of prayers, mantras, gemstones, and sacred relics through the Reiki crystal
• Attain higher forms of consciousness to release trauma at the cellular level using a powerful Reiki crystal meditation technique.
• Experience the power of Reiki holograms grounded through the physical body
• Summon a rare Reiki laser technique to increase healing within the human body
• Work with the Reiki crystal to create multidimensional layered healings that work on many levels of reality simultaneously

All are welcome; no previous energy healing experience or training is required.