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Week Long Guided Meditations to awaken the Energy Center and the Pineal Gland


Most people sense that they aren’t living from their highest potential. For most, this “knowing” is subconscious. That is, a part of us knows, but consciously, we don’t connect with this reality. For some of us, however, this realization becomes more conscious as we age. We know the difference between when we’re operating from our higher potential and when we’re not. But why do we often fail to operate from our innate power in the first place?

One reason is that our brains rarely function the way they’re designed to run. The pineal gland—and other parts of the brain aren’t functioning within their intended design. For most of us we are in survival mode, which means our brain is in high beta wave. When the brain is in this state it is compartmentalized and is randomly firing like and electric storm. Our brain is designed to function as a whole and in a state of coherence.

For at least over several thousand years in both the East and West, the pineal gland has been viewed as a connecting link between the physical (3D) world and a psychic dimension beyond it.

Pineal gland activation brings a more significant connection to the natural world and a willingness to let go of ego pursuits that shut out our soul. Lucid dreaming, astral projection, and an enhanced imagination are topics related to pineal gland activation. The pineal may be a gateway to higher creativity

During this week long meditation we will be doing guided meditations that will first support the opening of the energy centers and pulling our mind out of our body. These meditations will be guided and based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. The last three days we will be using a meditation to activate the pineal gland. When we pull the mind out of the survival centers and we begin to open up our heart center we begin to create coherence in the brain, and when this happens we can begin to activate the pineal gland, allow us to transcend from beta wave to alpha to  theta to  delta…… and yes even gamma wave where true magic happens.  All that is required is a willingness to commit and the ability to surrender into the process. Since we will be doing this as a group it will be more potent and powerful because we will raising the vibration in the room.


Sunday 11:00 am – 12:0:00 pm to discuss basic principles of the meditations we will being using

Monday to Thursday 6:00 am – 7:30 am Energy Centers Meditation followed with a 20 minute Sound Healing.

Friday to Sunday  4:00 am – 5:45 am Pineal gland Activation Meditation with 20 minute Sound Healing

Cost: $125.00