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Mikau Usui Reiki Crystal of Awakening Attunement

The Reiki Crystal of Awakening is a Reiki Healing method developed by world renowned Reiki Master and Healer Brett Bevell. Brett has been gifted this healing method through his work with Mikao Usui and has developed a book that outlines the empowerment and treatment process called New Reiki Software for Divine Living. Jason Wood who will be leading the workshop, and was empowered directly empowered by Brett Bevell.

In this work shop you will be empowered with  Mikao Usui Reiki Crystal of Awakening  and will be given the opportunity to do self treatment, treatment to others and group. No prior Reiki attunement is required. With this new Reiki Technology you will be able guide the reiki energy with you intent allowing you to heal yourself and others on multiple levels at the same time. This attunement will also allow you to heal groups, perfect for yoga teachers. Handouts will be given.

"New Reiki Software for Divine Living examines Reiki, the world's most popular form of energy healing as a type of spiritual technology which can be upgraded to impact every area of our lives. This book interprets Reiki as an energetic embodiment of Divine grace, something designed to not only heal but also uplift, inspire and bring us into alignment with our Divine purpose. Offering an entirely new upgrade to Reiki technology called Mikao Usui s Reiki Crystal of Awakening, the book shows us ways that Reiki can be simplified so anyone can use it, without the complex symbols or long sequences of hand positions that are part of traditional Reiki training." - as seen on Amazon.Com

Cost: $35

To register call 201-527-8668 or email